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Vivo Plus Cellular Hydration water is not only the first of its kind, but the only one of its kind. Meaning that Vivo Plus Cellular Hydration water is so technically beneficial to one’s body that we had to patent the process. Vivo Plus is produced in such a way that the molecules have been broken down smaller than normal water molecules.

The importance of the size of the molecules comes into play because the smaller the molecule the easier it is to penetrate the inside of human cells. Therefore, by drinking one bottle of VIVO PLUS CELLULAR HYDRATION water per day you will become hydrated extremely quickly. The other main benefit that comes from having the INSIDE of the cells hydrated is that you will stay hydrated for a longer period of time.

VIVO PLUS CELLULAR HYDRATION water should be taken first thing in the morning. In fact, for the ultimate benefit you should drink one 16.9 oz bottle of VIVO PLUS CELLULAR HYDRATION 30 minutes before taking any medication, supplements/vitamins, or protein. Drinking one bottle of VIVO PLUS doesn't just taste refreshing, it is better for you than other waters. And we have the clinical studies to prove it. For one to achieve the most prolonged benefits you should remember to drink a bottle 16.9 oz every day. Drinking a bottle a day will allow your body to adjust to this new type of hydration.

Athletes and the health conscious individual need to remember that they should not only drink one bottle per day in the morning, but should also drink a bottle within 30 minutes of their work out or event for maximum results. The time after your workout is important because it is at this time your body has broken down your muscles and is looking for hydration to make the muscles recover more efficiently. For an added advantage many athletes mix their supplements/vitamins with a bottle of VIVO PLUS CELLULAR HYDRATION water.

Many people are looking for two things in their life: to improve their overall fitness and to achieve their ideal weight. In order to get into better shape please consult a health professional, dietician, or doctor for an exercise program that can be designed specifically for you while taking into consideration your medical conditions. As far as weight control, drinking a bottle 16.9 oz bottle of VIVO PLUS CELLULAR HYDRATION water 30 minutes before you eat will curb your appetite. The other advantage is that it will open up your cells to allow the NATURAL vitamins in your food to be absorbed faster into your body.